Sunday, September 30, 2012

Let's Catch Up!

I know. I know. I have neglected this blog terribly, but truthfully, there has been so much going on that I pretty much forgot about this long-lost blog. So, in the interest of proper blogging, let's do a little catch up.

Back in August, I got the deal of the century with this 1960s Sears Kenmore sewing machine. She needed a little help- like a new belt, but other than that, she seems to be intact and able to take on the burden of a LOT of sewing.
She came in her original cabinet, with only a few blemishes, which is fine by me! I put my machines through a lot of wear and tear. I'm learning tons of things from the Vintage Sewing Machines site that I joined, so if there is a problem I have loads of ladies to scream for help to.
Still on the machine front- I have decided to convert my vintage Singer to a hand crank. Being able to sew off the grid and when the power is out will be fantastic. Someday, maybe a treadle base will come my way, so that I can put her in the base to use that way. It has been my goal to get a treadle for a long time.

Now on to odds and ends.
I'm always amazed at what you can do with fabric when you put your mind to it. Here are two tins that I covered, and one has been painted a little to add to it's overall appeal (mine!).

For quite some time I had been collecting red, white, and black fat quarters, and then it came the time to make something. Not having made a quilt in decades, it was time. Using graph paper, I plotted out the pattern after having counted the amount of blocks I had on hand. I only messed up twice, but I had to fix it. If I hadn't, I would have been looking at those spots and cursing a blue streak at myself for not fixing it. Well, the quilt top is done and I'm in the process of machine quilting the back to it. The binding will be a snap.

I rescued a quilt that my great Aunt Thelma made and gave to my mother. It hung on the clothesline through a few good hefty rains, being too big to fit in my old washer. Mom graciously has allowed me to use the quilt, so here it is, on my bed. I sleep under a quilt of love, for sure.

Pardon me for sneaking in this picture of our King of the Country- Dobby. Isn't he handsome?

Years ago I made a pattern for a hat that I thought was pretty nifty, and it's easy to make. Here's the hat and the man I made it for- my Chef William.

The girls and I were joking around one day about toys for our sewing machines, so I thought I'd throw in this picture of my new old machine and the little toy all four of them share.

The quilt came out so nice, and there was red and white material left over, so I decided to try my hand(s) at a table mat. This was a new endeaver, all the way around (so to speak). It will go on my bedside table, next to the bed with the quilt of love!

That little experiment done, it was table runner time. This is the first block of that runner, which I'm making for Mom.

Always being a fabric hound, I'm constantly looking for new material, be it old curtains from the thrift store or new bundles of fat quarters, or vintage style prints at a $1.00 a yard. This is the newest batch I picked up and it's first duty was to make a log cabin block. I don't have a picture of that, but this is the fabric it's made from.
I love the earthy tones and many of my other pieces will match this group very well. I have lots of graph paper to design new blocks and my poor little brain wears itself out trying to come up with something new. Well, that's difficult in my case because I like the classic patterns for quilts. I'm not an abstract artist. So, the hunt goes on.

So, there's the scoop. I promise- this blog will not be neglected again. Anything sewing related in my world will be found right here. There will probably be a post or three about my granddaughter's sewing. She's taking lessons and has her own machine!And she's 8! The same time I started sewing. That's my girl!!

A pile of sewing and house chores await, so I am off to get things done.
Have a wonderful Fall and.... Happy Sewing!!