Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Time To Slow Down

Now that the flurry of Halloween is over and the decorations are stowed away, it's time to dig in the heels and power down the jets. A much needed break is called for and the weather installs 'baking' in my brain to the point of overload. So, pizzelles were the first item on the menu.

Have you ever had them? If not, it's worth your time and taste buds to try them. But- be warned! They are highly addictive! I'm serious. I've seen packages with that very warning label on them. And there's so many things you can do to them. Hot off the pizzelle maker, you can roll them to stuff with whatever luscious filling you want. Top with with your favorite jam or jelly. Make up a creamy filling to make them into sandwiches for your coffee break. Mold them into cupcake pans (when fresh off the machine) and fill them with succulent berries topped with whipped creme. My favorite way- just plain old plain.
See why it was time to make them?
You can get about 100 out of the recipe I have, so I froze two bags for those 'I have to have something and I don't know what' days.

One day, when I had come home from dialysis and was having my badly needed cup of coffee (in the mug pictured below), I wanted to do something with my hands to keep them busy, so I snatched up a skein of yarn and a crochet hook and started a heavy potholder.

We use potholders all the time in our house. It always seems like there's something baking in the oven or bubbling on the stove. I like to have a good supply of potholders on hand, but so many times a potholder is just a tad too small for my liking. So, when I started this crocheted potholder, it had to be larger than what I already had.
About ten years into crocheting (roughly 18 years old), I taught myself to read patterns you could buy in the store. I remember the one pattern I had to have was the ripple for an afghan I had in mind. I was surprised how easy it was, and I believe it was at that point that I started coming up with my own way of making squares. The results of the patterns I had were too loose; not clearly defined edges and perfectly square.
After much experimenting, ripping out, starting over (you know the drill), I finally was satisfied with my way.

I like how nice and tight this stitch is and my edges are even and the piece is square. It was done the next day.
Large and in charge! My husband said it could double as a hot pad. Yup. It probably cold. Nice and heavy. Just the way I wanted it.
That little side project satisfied my need to do something, and make it functional, too. And, it got the need to crochet filled.
How can you go wrong with a project like that?

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