Saturday, December 3, 2011

Enduring Christmas Ornaments- Part II

This post is about the rest of my collection of Christmas ornaments. It doesn't include the many I have hand painted this year. By the time I get to decorating the tree, the few in the pictures will seem like a multitude on a four footer, and I intend to fill it up.
As before, if you have any information on the following pictures, please comment below.

These adorable little wood birds hung on my mother's tree. I always thought they were just so cute. Where they came from doesn't matter, but I'd love to know who made them. I think the tiny flocked ornaments were my grandma's.
Looks like the snowman needs some help!

This next batch has me baffled. I can't tell what they were made from. It's not wood, and they are crudely shaped, but they're just different enough to hang on my tree.

Grandma had a thing for Bambi, that's for sure. I remember her huge tapestries that hung on the walls either had a deer scene or a horse scene. With these, I figure the riveted holes on their bellies were there so each Bambi could 'sit' on a post. I could be wrong. And their little heads rotate. You can turn them all the way around, place them in different poses.

These plastic critters totally escape me, but they were grandma's, so I keep them. The stickers on two of them clearly show they were made in Japan and could be had for one thin dime.

It looks like they're trying to tell me something...

Another bell- this one a birdie elf. Just right for my tree.

Along with our four foot tree this year, we have two small trees- one for the bedroom and one for
 the end of the kitchen counter. The tree in the kitchen sports all my itty bitty wood ornaments that I've had so long I can't remember if I bought them  or acquired them. It doesn't matter, because they fit so well with that particular small tree that the whole thing just needs it's own space to be. When all of the decorating is done, I'll post pictures of my handywork.


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