Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Enduring Update

Part I and Part II of Enduring Christmas Ornaments needs an update. I probably should have taken my time, really looking at them thoroughly, but it didn't dawn on me to do that until after I did some major reading on the history of ornaments. There are many interesting markings, but I neglected to look at the most obvious- the cap!!

Here is what I discovered:

The four blue striped bells, two gold bells, and one silver bell in the rear are clearly stamp/embossed 'Czechoslovakia' on the caps. That was a wonderful discovery! Only once in my research did I see a bell that resembled the gold bells.

My favorites are also clearly stamp/embossed 'West Germany' on the caps. They'll hold a place of honor on the front of my tree this year.

These bells proudly proclaim 'West Germany' on their ornate caps.

All of these ornaments are stamp/embossed 'Shiny Brite - Made in USA' on the caps, except for the little one on the lower right. There are no identifying stamps on it, but the cap itself is unique to all the other ornaments.
These, also, are Shiny Brites. I was surprised!

All Shiny Brites! And, there turns out to be another clear lantern, making my grand total- two!

The end of the Shiny Brites, including the top on the far, lower right. I still love that Stagecoach!

That is all the information I have on my ornaments at this time. My Mom told me that the little wood painted birds were given to her by an old friend. I understand they bring good fortune, and will grace my tree this year. Slowly, the decorations are going up. I'm hoping to tackle the tree tomorrow. It's finally snowing, so, that will boost me along! As I put things in their place, I just as quickly bring them to the studio for a splash of glitter. Some things just need glitter! Watch this blog for pictures.

Happy Decorating!


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